The Firm

Founded in 1975, QUINTANILLA, SORIA & NISHIZAWA is a law firm legally established in Bolivia by Dr. Eduardo Quintanilla Ybarnegaray and Dr. Abel Soria Nau, prominent lawyers who with a vast career as corporate, mining and hydrocarbons’ lawyers, and their international presence in the negotiation of contracts, created what today is one of the internationally most traditional and prestigious law firms in Bolivia.

Presently, QUINTANILLA, SORIA & NISHIZAWA has a wide commercial and corporate practice, providing services from the incorporation and general representation of national and foreign companies and private entities, mergers and acquisitions, drafting of contracts, tax planning and general business assistance, to the negotiation and drafting of commercial, mining and energetic contracts, public bids and invitations, as well as economic, financial and banking transactions of national and foreign companies. Also, the firm has a vast experience assisting non-profit organisations.

The members of the firm, educated in some of the most prestigious universities around the world, frequently participate in national forums of different nature and professionally assist complex international transactions. Presently, the firm has extended its practice to cover both established legal fields as corporate and commercial law, energy and mining law, financial and banking, tax and labour law, foreign investment and others, as well as other developing areas as regulatory laws and administrative contracts, international joint ventures, stock-market transactions, telecommunications, contracting with State entities, intellectual property, immigration law, etc.

Two equally important traditions have shaped these first 40 years of practice: the commitment with excellence in the practice of the legal profession and with the highest professional ethical standards, along with the dedication to pro bono work both with the State and with non-profit and charity organisations, in which many of its partners have devoted years of service, and the participation in new legislative projects.


The mission of QUINTANILLA, SORIA & NISHIZAWA is to provide legal counseling in a timely, personalised and integral manner in order to cover our clients’ needs and global requirements in the legal area, proposing strategies and legal solutions that provide security to their businesses and protect their interests.

Our firm is focused in preemptive counseling in order to avoid contingencies, with the resulting reduction of costs and minimisation of the possibility of attending to arbitration or judicial solutions.

Our services aim towards companies, whether commercial or not, as well as individuals in general.


The firm’s vision is to remain as one of the benchmark firms in the rendering of legal services both at the local and national level, known by its excellence and promptness in the work provided and fulfilling the highest ethical standards of the profession.

More About The Firm

Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa specialises on high quality pre-emptive legal counselling for its clients, focusing on reducing costs and minimising the possibility that its clients are compelled to look for judicial or arbitration means.

Within this tradition, the firm assists national and foreign clients in the creation of the most appropriate legal vehicles according to the clients` needs, including legal audits, due diligences for acquisitions and investments, and assists within economic, financial and contractual operations of companies both at national and international levels.

The firm advises companies and business persons of all types, from commercial corporations and transnational companies, branches and subsidiary entities, to NGOs, associations, foundations, uni-personal business and individuals, both foreign and national.

The firm assists in the registry and safeguarding of trademarks and other rights subject to intellectual property.

Additionally, it advises its clients in the area of civil, family and social litigation, administrative and judicial proceedings, including proceedings in staffing or labour cases, as well as in the application of alternative measures of conflict resolution, conciliation and arbitration.

Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa has participated as consultant to the Bolivian State in the drafting of projects of several laws and regulations, many of them in force, such as the Stock Market Law and the Bolivian Central Bank Law.

Among its main clients, Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa represents and advises different commercial corporations, both national and foreign, participating in some of the most important projects developed in Bolivia, in the areas of banking and micro-credit, mining, energy, telecommunication, foreign investment, commercial, industrial and agro-industrial corporations.

Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa has its offices in the cities of La Paz and Santa Cruz de la Sierra; corresponds in Spanish, English, French, Japanese and Portuguese.