Pro Bono

Since its creation in 1975, Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa is committed to the Pro Bono activity, having assisted non-profit institutions, economically disadvantaged people and the Bolivian State.

The Firm has a formal policy of Pro Bono, which encourages its members to perform at least 20 hours of Pro Bono service per year. This service is primarily - but not exclusively - linked to advising on the incorporation of non-profit entities and their integral corporate advice.

As a result of its commitment to Pro Bono activities, Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa is a founding member of Fundación Pro Bono Bolivia, which has the purpose of promoting, organising, mediating and spreading the practice of professional volunteering or "Pro Bono Work" between lawyers, as well as the participation in public debate in order to improve access to justice for economically disadvantaged, non-profit organisations, foundations, small entrepreneurs, people with different capacities, women and children victims of domestic violence and other vulnerable sectors or groups.

Some of the clients to whom the Firm provides Pro Bono assistance are, among others, Fundación Cinemateca Boliviana, Fundación Inés Córdova – Gil Imaná, Fundación Bolivia Clásica, Fundación Unisol, Fundación San Juan, and Sociedad Boliviana de la Retina.

The Firm also provides permanent advice to non-profit and/or charitable organisations at reduced rates, being in this category included institutions such as Fundación Hope Worldwide Bolivia, Aldeas Infantiles SOS (Bolivia) and Fundación SOS Mano Bolivia.

Currently such foundation is in process of incorporation before the Bolivian authorities.